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Cette Saint-Valentin...

Nous encourageons toutes les femmes à porter de la belle lingerie pour se faire plaisir, que quelqu'un la voie ou non.
Chez Bluebella, nous croyons que le jour de l'amour devrait consister à s'accepter soi-même et à se célébrer
Pour fêter cela, nous avons organisé un shooting très spécial avec Munroe Bergdorf - activiste transgenre, fashionista, éditrice, mannequin et animatrice de Dazed LGBTQ +.
“Elle est une force puissante et imparable et le monde devrait en prendre conscience.”
Teen Vogue
Munroe a dit...
"I’ve felt never as empowered as a human being as I do now. I’ve had various struggles so it's taken some time to get to this point of Self Love. With self love there is a calmness to it, it allows me not to be too pre-occupied with how I look. Self-love lets you be present in the room rather than worrying and feeling like you’re not good enough."
"I’m now in a position where I don’t care about other people’s opinions on my appearance. I care about the opinions of the people that matter to me, but not so much of people walking down the street. If someone knows I’m trans I don't feel ashamed of that any more. I think it’s something to celebrate and it’s a part of me."
"I don’t want to be forced into wearing clothes that I don’t feel comfortable in and that’s what I was putting myself through previously. Putting on a full face of make-up to go down to the supermarket just in case people looked at me in a funny way because I was in early stages of my transition and still very much unsure of myself."
"In the early days of my transition I had a paranoia that people would guess I was trans, goes with time as you learn to love every part of yourself. Now I dress how I want, I wear make-up when I want, no because I feel I need to. It’s about a freedom of choice."
"Bluebella lingerie is so beautiful and it’s created by women. When I’m wearing it I don’t feel like I’m wearing it for anyone but myself. I feel like it compliments my shape. I feel sexy and beautiful in my own right, my kind of sexy."
"What’s so amazing about lingerie is that it can really emphasize your own femininity."
"I'm proud to be part of a campaign that is encouraging all women to feel empowered and sexy in their own ways, on their own terms."

#LoveYourself sur Instagram

Insta est un lieu inspirant, mais c'est aussi un espace qui peut susciter le doute de soi. Cette Saint-Valentin n’oubliez pas que vous êtes chacun/e d’une beauté unique.

Lors de cette fête de la Saint-Valentin, nous avons demandé à certains de nos influenceurs de prédilection de partager leurs mots.