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Ensemble Short Et Caraco Camille Noir/Blanc

Prix régulier €25.00 Prix réduit €50.00


Beau Pyjama Long Satin Luxueux Blanc/Noir

Prix régulier €38.00 Prix réduit €76.00


Ensemble Chemise et Short Camille Noir/Blanc

Prix régulier €32.00 Prix réduit €64.00


Nuisette Margot Courte en Satin De Luxe Vert Columbia

Prix régulier €25.00 Prix réduit €50.00


Olin Pyjama Long Satin Luxueux Blanc/Noir

Prix régulier €42.00 Prix réduit €84.00

Gorgeous nightwear is an affordable luxury that adds decadence to every day. With our Nightwear Sale, you can treat yourself to new pyjamas to luxuriate in, whether you’re lounging, snoozing or working from home in exquisite style.

If timeless style is what you are after then the Nightwear Sale has you covered! Look no further than our stunning Atalanta trouser and cami set. Working with a combination of elegant lace and showstopping pleating, this set is simultaneously comfortable, decadent and so chic that you won’t think twice about wearing it as outerwear!

In terms of style choices, we are spoiling you in this Summer Nightwear Sale! From the classic pyjama shirt and trousers made so famous by Coco Chanel and which have inspired our Wren collection to contemporary short chemises, there is something for everyone. We even have the stunning Jessica Teddy in the sale, the perfect piece for those warm summer nights.

Our design team has worked tirelessly (no pun intended) to bring you the best night and loungewear. A key aspect of all nightwear is how it feels – all clothing should be a delight to wear, but especially those clothes you choose to sleep and relax in. As a result, all the materials of our nightwear have been carefully chosen not just based on how beautiful they are but how gentle they feel against the skin. Whether it is the intricate strapping of Estelle or the silky satin of Annalie, each piece in the Nightwear Sale feels exquisite.