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Body Elodie Noir

Prix régulier €37.00 Prix réduit €54.00


Body Josetta Noir

Prix régulier €28.00 Prix réduit €56.00


Body Elodie Rouge

Prix régulier €27.00 Prix réduit €54.00


We love bodysuits! They are a chic and contemporary way to wear lingerie, with the all-in-one having the timeless appeal of ease as well as carrying some hefty fashion credentials. These are the perfect pieces to work the underwear as outerwear trend, looking as stunning when paired with jeans as they do when worn as a lingerie look – so you’ll be updating two wardrobes for the price of one with this Bodysuit Sale!

Whatever your own personal style, there’s something for everyone in the Bluebella Body Sale. If you’re a big fan of our strappy and provocative styles, then you’ll be thrilled to see Selmar in the Bodysuit Sale, with the slimline strapping in the back of the body offset against the beautiful sheer front panels. Or if you’re a follower of fashion and have been seduced by the sports luxe trend of recent years, Elisabetta is the perfect piece for you.

All our bodysuits are crafted using the finest materials, to ensure that they feel as good as they look. Whether it is superfine mesh, delicate lace or intricate strapping, our design team works to make sure that every single aspect of each piece is just right. Each tiny thing is considered, from the adjustable strapping to the shape of the gold tone hardware embellishments. The selection of items in the Bodysuit Sale shows off this attention to detail, with each piece exquisitely finished for the perfect feel.

Add some everyday luxury to your lingerie wardrobe with the Bluebella Bodysuit Sale.