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Top 4 lingerie trends of 2019

Written by - Bluebella
2019 has been an exciting year for fashion, bringing us bike shorts with blazers, bucket hats and boiler suits. All good things, clearly, begin with B, and 2019 has also been a strong year for bras, briefs, bodies and basques – all things lingerie, in fact.
We’ve picked out our top four favourite lingerie trends of 2019. Covering everything from the provocative to the pretty, these selections show the incredible range in lingerie styles and fashion. Whether you’re looking through for inspiration or simply to appreciate the fashions from the year, you’re certain to be delighted by our shortlist of gorgeous, innovative lingerie from 2019.
bra trend 2019

1. Decadent Open Bras 

Here at Bluebella we are known for our provocative pieces, with a particular favourite being our stylish open bras. Whilst some or most of the cup is left open we use lace, mesh and banding to provide strategic cover, meaning that these pieces can even be worn as outwear with a shirt or blazer (depending on how brave you’re feeling!)
open bra lingerie trend
open bra trends 2019
open bra trends 2019- nova bra
An open cup creates a structured visual statement, working with the contours of the body to create a flattering line. These pieces also work beautifully when paired with sheer fabrics, and look incredible framed behind a mesh top.  
open bra trend 2019 - emerson bra
open bra trends - pandora

2. Hardware 

Hardware on lingerie has been a big trend in 2019, with buckles, sliders and clasps going bigger and bolder. This is a trend for the maximalists amongst you – more is definitely more! It’s been a great year for innovative metalwork shapes, with geometric structures and soft circles being equally popular. These bras are definitely made to be seen, so pair some embellished pieces with your favourite outerwear for incredible evening looks.
hardware lingerie trend 2019  - orion bra
hardware lingerie trends 2019 - addison

3. Rosey Hues 

Pink is having a renaissance – one of the key colours of the millennial generation, pink is moving from pretty to powerful. Think Solange’s iconic pink sweater for ‘Cranes in the Sky’, Janelle Monae’s ‘Pynk’ revolution and, of course, everyone’s favourite fashion assassin Villanelle in voluminous Mary Goddard. Soft, pastel colours are the favourite, with delicate rose dust hues and gentle pale pinks appearing all over SS19 catwalks. In keeping with the moment, here at Bluebella we have reinvented some of our favourite styles in soft pinks for 2019 – Nova, Nikita, Julienne and Natalia have all had a millennial make-over and are looking fresher than ever!
rosey hues lingerie trends 2019 - julienne
rosey hues colour trend 2019
rosey hues body trend 2019

4. Contemporary Lines

Straight lines and geometric shapes are always big on the catwalks, and 2019 has been no different. Lines work well on garments as they can create structure in pattern, drawing the eye and flattering the figure through the surface of the material. Vertical striping is slimming and lengthening, whilst lines pulling in to a central point create shape without compromising on comfort. Clever, right? We thought so too, and so we incorporated some of 2019’s contemporary lines into out new collections London and Rowan.
 contemporary lines trend 2019
contemporary lines  set- lingerie trend 2019
So that’s our round-up of the big lingerie trends of 2019. Who knows? Maybe 2020 will be even bigger and bolder…
Don’t forget to Instagram us @bluebella in your fashion-forward lingerie looks – we like nothing more than to see our beautiful creations out in the world looking fierce.
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