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Tigerlily Taylor X Bluebella

Written by - Bluebella
Model, muse, writer, feminist and rock star’s daughter (of Queen drummer Roger Taylor) Tigerlily Taylor is the epitome of London cool. A fashionista with an urban edge and lover of lingerie, Tigerlily brings her unique style to Bluebella for this very special collection.
As a model, writer and artist, Tigerlily Taylor oozes creativity. Having been a long-time lingerie fan and a popular face around here at Bluebella, it seemed the next logical step for Tiger was to apply her artistic talents and design her very own lingerie line. And here at Bluebella, we are very excited to announce that she has done exactly that, collaborating with us to bring you her gorgeous very first capsule collection! Underwear is still the new outerwear with many of the stunning versatile pieces in the collection also doubling up as daring go-to festival looks. We had a chat with Tigerlily to find out more about her inspiration for the line as well as her plans for the summer.

As a fan of the feminist ethos behind the brand, collaborating with Bluebella made total sense for Tiger who is a big supporter in the idea of lingerie being something you can enjoy for yourself, ‘A lot of Bluebella’s collections are shot by female photographers and the majority of their team is female. Having a female gaze shooting a lingerie campaign subverts the outdated perception that women buy lingerie to please men and transfers it back to the idea of buying it for yourself instead.’

Comfort is key for Tigerlily, who focussed heavily on creating wearable yet stylish pieces when designing her collection, ‘The thing that intrigued me about this collaboration is that I always seem to end up wearing the same comfortable pieces. Creating my own line seemed like a good chance to design a collection of sexy and cool but also comfortable pieces that any woman would want to wear daily. And I think this is what we have done.’ She also described how incredibly at ease she felt when modelling her new pieces, ‘My collection is less about the bells and whistles and more about comfort. So while the pieces are still sexy, they are so in a cool, slightly understated way which is really easy to wear. Most of them are designed to act as outerwear as well as underwear.’
Tiger describes how she also wanted to add her own signature colour, so the collection itself features hints of a beautiful teal throughout giving it a thoroughly modern and chic feel. As for her favourite pieces in the collection: ‘I am a big fan of animal print… probably has something to do with my name… so I really love the leopard set. It’s also unbelievably comfortable.’ It comes as no surprise that Tigerlily would put such emphasis on comfort in her collection when giving us an insight into her everyday style, ‘I love to be comfortable, so I mainly wear tracksuits and trainers day to day. I guess I would say my day style is sort of street style comfortable but my evening style definitely gets a little more exciting.’

For Tiger, her biggest reward would be to see all the women she loves in her life wearing and enjoying her designs, so we also wanted to know just how would she describe the Bluebella x Tiger girl? ‘Young, cool, down to earth but still sexy… not too fussed about looking perfect. Maybe someone dynamic since the pieces are designed to be easy to wear.’

Not only has Tiger been putting her artistic talents to designing a stunning new lingerie line, she has also been putting her writing skills to good use, ‘At the moment I am trying to focus on getting my writing career off the ground. Have been doing a bit of journalism here and there and am loving it.’

With all that hard work, we wanted to know just how Tiger plans on spending her summer and getting some much deserved downtime, ‘I am planning to go to Boomtown Festival with some friends. Glastonbury isn't on this year so that’s really the only one I’m interested in going to. I am also looking forward to going away a lot. I just want to spend the summer by the sea.’

When it comes to jetting off abroad, it’s not where she goes but who she’s with that really matters, ‘I just love going away on my family holidays. Every summer my dad and all my siblings go on a boat holiday somewhere in the Mediterranean and it’s probably the only time we all get to be together for an extended amount of time during the year.’ And as for her soundtrack for the summer: ‘I’ve been listening to a lot of Apollo Brown and a lot of hip hop as always. I was a big fan of Childish Gambino’s recent single “This is America”, the video was incredible as well.’
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