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Easter Bank Holiday - We have you covered!

Written by - Bluebella


Get ready for your four delicious days off, however you choose to spend them…


Now that all we really want to do is slide out of work and into the sun, we're hoping that the longer days and warmer nights can be spent without waking up for work, and as if by magic - and by magic we mean the annual change of seasons - Easter Bank Holiday has arrived to give us a couple of extra glorious days off!

But how to spend them? Well, we at Bluebella have some ideas...


Hit the Town

Bank Holiday means those three words that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face…four-day-week. An extra Friday and Monday means that there's no excuse not to hit the town, as there is plenty of time to lay around in bed and nurse the hangover. Seeing as you'll be out until the break of dawn, you'll need an extra bit of support to help you on your way to partying until sunrise.

Though traditionally underwear is meant to support you on the inside, when it looks as good as ours we're eager to show it off on the outside too. Embrace underwear as outerwear and rock the lingerie look. You don't have to start with the most revealing item on the list either, a body will most likely do the trick to take you from evening to bedtime. We're loving the Amelie Body, which can be paired with a pair of slinky black jeans and a leather jacket to turn heads all evening long, while the Jemima Long Chemise works perfectly thrown over any party number.

Or how about one of our infamously gorgeous bras, styled under a top with a low V or jacket? Or perhaps the Emerson or Nova under a sheer little number? The possibilities are endless! Take some inspo below from some of our favourite bloggers, or check out our Instagram!

Bluebella Lingerie Instagram Photographs

Dirty Weekend

There’s another reason not to leave the duvet this weekend, and we all know what that is…February might be long gone, but there’s no reason not to create another holiday of love, and this time there are four whole days of unadulterated pleasure.

For this kind of wild weekend, ditch the PJs and opt for something a whole lot more revealing. We love a delicate cut out, so spice things up with one of our best sellers the Nova Bra, Suspender and Open Brief, which keeps you just about in place whilst teasing your lover with what’s to come. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous then it might be time to try something a little more strappy. We’re feeling the Emerson Harness Brief or Caton Harness Brief, the perfectly flirtatious piece, which we can almost guarantee won’t stay on for long. If you want to go even more extreme during the stay-cation (there’s definitely enough time) you could always opt for our Tigerlily Basque, guaranteed to make your lover's head spin and the claws come out.

Easter is a time for giving but for this one we recommend forgetting the Easter egg. Sometimes the best gift you can give is yourself, and if you’re not sure about the lacy black numbers, you can always go with the failsafe option of our All Wrapped Up Body Bow...

Sexy Lingerie Collection

Duvet Days

Of course, we're not all party animals, and for a lot of us the best way to spend a long weekend of relaxing Springtime weather is watching from the sanctuary of your sheets. Forget to set the alarm clock, get Netflix open and spend four days of relaxing, chilled out time in everyone's favourite location - bed.

And now the sun is finally around, we're not going to be too pleased when sweatpants start to live up to their name, so ditch the fleece and opt for something a little softer and silkier to snuggle in under the covers. It's time to get both chic and cosy and treat yourself to some new PJs – from our long and short Claudia and Abigail sets to petite cami and short sets like our Caitlin, there's something for everyone who doesn't envision stepping outside until well after we've gobbled down our body weight in chocolatey snacks.

City Mooching

Flat whites and flats and friends. If you do need to pop to the shop to stock up on provisions, or pop out for a coffee with sun-drenched friends? Wrap yourself in a Kimono and some mom jeans for the perfect ‘City Moochin' look, or a loose shirt with a gorgeous Milla Bra neck detail - no one need know the messy bun is a product of bed head.

City Mooching


Written by Ella Guthrie

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