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Bluebella at Stylist Live 2016

Written by - Bluebella

We have been secretly preparing what could possibly be the most exciting weekend in Bluebella history. From October 13th to October 16th you will be able to come and see us in person. Say hello, take a look at our amazing nightwear and lingerie.

We have been working long and hard to put together what we hope will be your favourite Stylist Live stand. We will have our favourite product to show, some amazing never before seen lines as well as the chance to buy the collection at a whooping 20% off.

Our team of brilliant designers will be there to advise you on fit, fabric and look as well as discuss what lingerie means to you? And what it means to us.

Don’t miss this opportunity; we usually live on the interwebs so finding us in one place is a special occasion. If you love Bluebella come and say hello - our stand number is M78.

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