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Written by - Bluebella


Wherever you are in the country, there's always a new watering hole to try...

Now that the nights are drawing in, there's nothing better than cosying up with good friends and a bottle of wine. Whether you have your trusted local or like to experiment with different places, we've got the low-down of the tried and tested bars up and down the country that you may not have thought about before. Here's your pick...


Quirky pub Flight Club opened in the City last month so if you're into your hot new openings then this is the one for you. This new beer hub is a modern twist on the old pub with its bar-like spaciousness and trendy decor, but has taken the favourite pub past-time of darts as inspiration for its overall theme. If you think darts is an old man's game then think again! Flight Club aims to revolutionise the tradition and has kitted out the whole place with huge dart boards and slick touchboard screens. Even if you don't fancy a game, there's always the cocktail menu to keep you amused...


The Wardrobe is by far one of the city's gems. A firm favourite with locals who know all about where to go, this bar transforms into a live music venue at night and plays host to the likes of Soul, Motown and Jazz artists. Perfect for after-work drinks, it has a inviting and relaxed ambience and has a gorgeous array of wines. Its food is just as famous as its music with the aptly named Soul Kitchen to wet your appetite, serving classic dishes from the deep South, Caribbean and Creole. You'll end up finding yourself there all night!


If you want some fun, then Manchester's new The Wash House is definitely for you. As the name suggests, it is actually a working launderette but don't be fooled! If you know where to go and what to say, you'll actually be led beyond the washing machines and tumble dryers into the secret cocktail bar at the back. The tip is to look out for the old phone and press the button.. you'll then be led into the exclusive bar at the back. Serving an array of moreish cocktails, The Wash House is not only one of the coolest bars around, its mysterious and fun entrance makes it all the more exclusive. We dare you...


If you're after a chic and stylish place to have a catch-up with friends, then Bath's trendy Circo Bar is the perfect place to head for a post-Saturday shop drink. Mixing the old and the new, it's lush decor oozes class with cool grey tones and luxurious Chesterfields and has contemporary classics on the soundtrack for a chilled-out vibe. Having recently extended its capacity, it now includes a low-lit cellar bar and features one of the most expensive back bars in Bath.


This relatively new bar is situated in an old Victorian Pump House and is in the heart of Edinburgh's gorgeous Old Town. Bursting with character, it keeps Scottish tradition by serving the best Whiskeys for spirit lovers (over 200 different varieties!) If you'd rather not taste the burn, then they have an extensive cocktail menu with inventive creations such as Days in Velour and Rogue Trader (which we hear are tasty!) We love Edinburgh and when we're next there, we'll be heading here...

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