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Written by - Bluebella


During the height of summer, there’s really nothing more enjoyable than escaping with a good book. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool on a precious week off or simply taking a bit of ‘me’ time after work to relax, submerging into another world is one of life’s little pleasures. Here’s our pick…

This has been available to buy for a few months now but is one of the most talked about books of the year. With Nicholls’ rocketing to the author’s Hall of Fame with 2009’s ‘One Day’, his follow-up was always going to watched by the eyes of the world. How could it get any better than a story the whole world was reading? Well, it has and it’s got many critics saying it’s even better than One Day. ‘Us’ explores the complicated relationship of a father, his son and a wife who is unsure she wants to be with him. It’ll make you laugh and cry – a must read!

How could we not mention the Fifty Shades books seen as though we’re very proud to have the exclusive Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie collection? We’ve all read it here at Bluebella HQ and we’re sure many of you have too. The latest addition focuses on Grey himself and is told from his point of view. Having followed Ana’s story for the past three, it’s a refreshing and insightful exploration of exactly what makes Mr.Grey tick.

This was a Number.1 best seller before it was even released which just goes to show how highly-anticipated this book was amongst literary fans around the world. 45 years after Lee’s infamous ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ was published, ‘Go Set A Watchman’ picks up where Mockingbird left off and follows Jean Louise Finch struggling with different demons when she goes home to visit her father. Having just been out a couple of weeks, it’s already surpassed the 1.1 million sales mark.

If you were a Sex and The City fan then this is the book for you. Bushnell wrote the SATC book and even though ‘Killing Monica’ isn’t a sequel, many fans will find lots of similarities. It follows the story of Pandy who is a famous novelist and who feels she is defined by her most popular character, Monica. She wants to be seen as a serious writer so plans to kill Monica off. Definitely one for you if you loved Carrie & co!

For those who like delving into the past, this is one for you. If you watched The Imitation Game film with Benedict Cumberbatch, you’ll be familiar with the story of Bletchley Park. This book tells the stories of the incredible women who worked at Bletchley because 75% of the people working there were women thanks to the 1941 National Service Act. A great read exploring the impact women made during the war.

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