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Single's Day Lingerie


Pyjama Abigail

Prix régulier €56.00

Veste et Pantalon Claudia Blanc

Prix régulier €56.00

Body Natalia Noir

Prix régulier €45.00

Best Seller
Model wearing the iconic Laura black suspener belt with matching thongs & stockings. Made in Italy with quality materials. Porte-jarretelles Laura Noir

Porte-jarretelles Laura Noir

Prix régulier €24.00

String Laura Noir

Prix régulier €20.00 Prix réduit €8.00

Soutien-gorge Lumi Noir

Prix régulier €50.00

String Lumi Noir

Prix régulier €24.00

Best Seller
Veste et Pantalon Claudia Noir Veste et Pantalon Claudia Noir

Veste et Pantalon Claudia Noir

Prix régulier €56.00

Soutien-gorge Lyra Noir

Prix régulier €40.00

String Lyra Noir

Prix régulier €16.00

Soutien-gorge Marina Noir

Prix régulier €54.00

String Marina Noir

Prix régulier €26.00

Kimono Long Marcella Noir

Prix régulier €56.00

Kimono Long Marcella Ivoire

Prix régulier €56.00

All my single ladies, now’s the time to put your hands up: it’s the Bluebella Singles Day Sales! With plenty of beautiful pieces at discounted prices, show yourself some love this Singles Day and treat yourself to contemporary lingerie.
Here at Bluebella we believe in wearing beautiful lingerie every day, not just saving pieces for that elusive “special occasion”. Exceptionally designed and carefully crafted, using the most delicate and luxurious materials, Bluebella lingerie feels as good as it looks. These are pieces to wear for yourself, and so what better way to celebrate Singles Day than by snapping up some directional underwear in the Singles Day Sales.
Whether you like your lingerie floral or fierce, or a little bit of both, there’s something here for everyone: from bodysuits to kimonos, suspender belts to pyjamas, we have a whole range of pieces covered in these Singles Day Sales. Simply choose your self-care language and we’ll provide the perfect products – if you’re into lounging decadently about the house, look no further than the sumptuous satins of our pyjamas, whereas if your self-care method is more of a get-dressed-up-and-party vibe then check out our bras and bodysuits which can be styled with outerwear for an on-trend look.
With our affordable pricing dropped even lower for these Single Day Sales, now is the perfect time to give your lingerie wardrobe that much needed lift with one (or two…or three…) pieces of wearable confidence, courtesy of Bluebella.