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Paper Magazine

Written by - Ajesh Patchworks

Featured in Paper Magazine article Munroe.

"Bluebella,the lingerie label with a mission to redefine sensuality through stylish and comfortable design, has teamed with model and activist Munroe Bergdorf.Bergdorf, who has long used her platform to promote equality, will star in a series of forthcoming ads alongside a diverse cast of models wearing the brand's most distinct designs.

The campaign, running through Valentine's Day is called #LoveYourself, and its aim is to reconfigure the focus of the day of love's traditional messaging. The #LoveYourself campaign, according to a press release, is about "self-love, self-acceptance and celebratingyourself." The campaign also encourages women to "wear beautiful lingerie for themselves — whether or not anyone sees it."
That said, we see Bergdorf looking like a dream in these pieces and can't help but heartily chortle at the Victoria's Secret executive
who once said that trans women are incapable of selling feminine fantasy. The lies he told himself! As Bergdorf writes onInstagram: "All women are the fantasy, no exceptions!"

Paper Magazine - Munroe wearing Nikita

Paper Magazine - Munroe wearing Petra

Anywho, Bluebella's founder, Emily Bendell says of Bergdorf's appointment that she was chosen because "she has proven herself to be a brave and bold voice, an icon in an age of increasing social awareness," adding that Bergdorf continues to "use her profile to advocate for a fairer world and to empower individuals to fight for positive change."

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The products featured in the Bergdorf campaign are available for purchase on Bluebella's website, here. Plus, everything retails for under $85, which is a steal when you consider how good you'll likely look and feel in these pieces. Take a look, below."

Paper Magazine - Julienne bra red


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