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How to style lingerie with day- and evening-wear: working the underwear as outerwear trend

Written by - Bluebella

Underwear as outerwear: it’s one of those classic trends that can be seen everywhere, from couture to the high street, celebrity ceremonies and Instagram influencers. It’s even worked its way into other trends, including the increasingly popular sports-luxe movement – those body-sculpting bike shorts and sports bra combinations? The endless leotards? That is underwear as outerwear, just as much as anything black, strappy and provocative.
This is a trend that you can have fun with and most importantly make your own. If you’re struggling with where to start, let our Bluebella guide walk you through how to make the most of your lingerie. Because let’s face it – designs this good deserve to be seen.
bra as outerwear
@anna_sisterparis wearing Denham Bra
bra as outerwear
@michellechristyn wearing Asmin Bra and Harness Brief

Styles and Shapes

So generally speaking when it comes to underwear as outwear you want to be thinking top-half (Superman isn’t chic this season), and the three b’s here will never let you down: bras, bodies, basques.


This is a look that can feel as though it’s going to be a little risqué, and there’s nothing to say that isn’t the case. However, it is also possible to tone down a bra with the right styling. Jeans are particularly effective, and offset a beautiful bra perfectly with some down-to-earth, everyday vibes, whilst a blazer or open shirt provides some daytime coverage.

karolina bra

underwear as outerwear

@withlovefleur wearing Karolina Bra

lingerie as outerwear

@majariaudel wearing Karolina Bra

When you’re looking for a striking eveningwear look, dare to bare with one of our stunning and sculptural bras as a top. This is a great opportunity to experiment with shape and colour, bringing a vibrancy to the underwear as outerwear trend. Alternatively, combine an intricate bra with sheer mesh to show off the design whilst feeling a little more covered.

lingerie as outerwear

@sminiscar wearing Julienne Red Bra

Julienne Red Bra

Julienne Black Bra

Julienne Pink Bra

lingerie as outerwear


underwear as outerwear

@alda.lia wearing Nova Ivory Bra

Nova Ivory Bra

Nova Pale Pink Bra

lingerie as outerwear

@jaylene_joy wearing Emerson Black Bra

Emerson Black Bra

Emerson Pale Pink BraEmerson Ivory Bra


Bodies are the easiest garment to style and wear, working as the perfect base layer for relaxed daywear with jeans or looking stunning when styled with a skirt and heels. They’re also ideal for working that sports-luxe trend, bringing some dance studio style to your wardrobe. These pieces are your hassle-free way into the underwear as outerwear trend, and here at Bluebella we have a stunning range of bodies from the sporty to the provocative, so you can explore and experiment.

underwear as outerwear


lingerie body as outerwear

@sabrinawieland wearing Asmin Black Body

asmin body

body as outerwear

@egith wearing Natalia Black Body

Natalia Body BlackNatalia Body Pale PinkNatalia Body RedNatalia Body Ivory

Strappy Bodies

Experiment with some provocative styling with our unique strappy bodies. Use shirts and blazers as a cover-up, or go bold with the piece fully on show. Wearing such a scaled back piece means you can go big with the accessories – a statement necklace offsets these simple structures beautifully.

body as outerwear

@ablkn wearing Nikita Black Body

Nikita body black

body as outerwear

@chloeracs wearing Nova Black Body

Nova Body Black


Whilst a body feels like a subtle way in to the underwear as outerwear trend, a basque is a little more overt – quite literally, with some of our gorgeous open-cup styles. The basque is ideal if you are aiming for a particularly bold look, with the structure and corset-styling of our basques making a visual statement. A sophisticated piece themselves, basques work best when paired with similarly elegant outerwear. Think tailored suits and skirts in delicious fabrics and you can’t go far wrong.

baseque as outerwear
@stylish_katarinka wearing Caterina Black Basque
Caterina Basque
basque as outerwear
@bris.mehmeti wearing Scala Basque Black
Scala Basque Black
basque as outerwear
@negintamajani wearing Karolina Black Basque
Karolina Black Basque
A- list style inspiration
Some of our favourite pieces have adorned the rich and famous, appearing everywhere from the red carpet to music videos. Check out how some of your favourite A-listers are wearing Bluebella and copy their style – you can always say you saw it first…
Kylie Jenner
No one knows how to work underwear as outerwear like the Kardashian/Jenner clan – it’s a staple part of their everyday style. Kylie went for a sugary loungewear look for the launch of her new skincare range, wearing our very own Pink Chiffon Kimono. Kimonos are a great way to work the trend as a light alternative to a jacket, and look stunning with evening or daywear.
nightwear as outerwear@kyliejenner wearing Pink Chiffon Kimono
Munroe Bergdorf
Activist and model Munroe Bergdorf is a Bluebella regular, and starred in our 2019 Valentine’s campaign Love Yourself. Munroe wore Bluebella to the London Fashion Awards, styling her Marina bra with a sharp two piece suit and ethereal headdress.
bra as outerwear
@ munroebergdorf wearing Black Marina Bra
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj puts the Layla long chemise through its paces in her music video, Good Form. The floor length Layla chemise works the underwear as outerwear trend twice over, with the sheer fabric of the chemise revealing the underwear beneath. A high-waisted brief style goes best with this piece, bringing some structure and coverage.
chemise as outerwear
@ nickiminaj wearing Black Layla Chemise
Solange Knowles
Solange Knowles pairs her Silchester bandeau bra and briefs with a wide fish-net dress in her shoot for Office Magazine NYC. Loose hair, minimal make-up and simple accessories keep this look laid-back and give the outfit space to breathe.
underwear as outerwear
@saintrecords wearing Silchester Strapless Bra and Briefs
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal works the underwear as outerwear trend with the Emerson body. Bodies are perfect if you want to accentuate your waist, as they tuck into trousers or skirts with a smooth, flattering line
body as outerwear
@mgyllenhaal wearing Emerson Black Body
So, now you’re ready to rock the underwear as outerwear trend, don’t forget to tag us @Bluebella in your Instagram pics – here are some more of our favourites from our gorgeous Instagram fam to #inspire you.

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