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Written by - Bluebella


Summer can be a tricky time for your beauty regimen; eyeshadow that melts into the crease of your eyelids, hair that falls flat or frizzes in humidity and shiny skin. But have no fear, the team at Bluebella have collected their top summer beauty tips to have you looking flawless head-to-toe for the hot season.


Try washing your hair less, ditching the conditioner and using a dry shampoo will help avoid heavy, greasy locks. To put some goodness back in, use a good hair mask once a week. Remember that sun, salt and chlorine wreak havoc with coloured hair so protect it by rinsing with cold water before you hit the pool or the beach. The dry cuticle will soak up water rather than chlorine and salt water.


It's time to forget the foundation so start drinking those 2 litres of water a day well in advance of summer to ensure your face looks fresh for the season. Start using a good SPF (40 and up is best) on your face and body and finish with a slick of bronzer if you want to add a little colour to your cheeks. If you suffer with 'face shine' just carry a little compact of translucent powder, or those fabulous blotting papers that will help to fix up your t-zone throughout the day.


Forget foundation and think about using a tinted moisturiser. Opt for a waterproof and smudge-proof mascara, if you want to wear it to the pool. Keep your skin simple and use an SPF lip balm. When you want to wear lipstick using a matching lip-liner will help to stop the lipstick running out of place in hot temperatures.


Summer sandals with rough skin is a no-no so invest in a good pedicure at the start of the summer and use a pumice stone on your feet for up-keep after every shower. Never forget to protect your hands and feet with a good SPF too - hands age badly from sun-damage and burnt feet are never a good look! Flaunt those feet (and hands) with bold nail polish. Hot pinks and bright oranges look gorgeous with a tan and are guaranteed to have you feeling ready for a summer of fun.

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