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Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Body Type

Written by - Bluebella


Lingerie is more than just something you wear in the boudoir. It has the ability to give a woman confidence, even when no one else sees it. When you dress well from head to toe, you feel better! You are ready for anything, but the wrong piece of lingerie can ruin a day in one slip of a bra strap or visible bunch in the back.
Why is it that we all wear lingerie, yet so many of us have such a hard time finding the right lingerie for our body type? To avoid those lingerie woes, Bluebella has created a guide of the most flattering lingerie designs to help women choose the perfect lingerie fit for every body shape and figure.


For our curvy girls, we cannot deny that full coverage bras offer a lot of support. Now, do not let “full coverage” be a turn off. There are a lot of sexy options in this type of bra. A bra with lace offers a pretty feel and smoothes where you need it. If you don’t like the idea of a full coverage bra, a bra with a demi cup is a great alternative! These styles are great when you want to wear something with a lower cut. This way you can show off your curves, without losing a supportive fit. A couple rules of thumb when looking for that perfect bra, the thicker the band in the back and the straps, the more sturdy the fit. If there is a bulge where the cup ends, the bra is either too small or the style may not offer the coverage you need! Refer to our bra fitting guide for more help with this. When you are looking for lingerie bottoms, try high-waist fits! These styles are really flattering on a curvy figure, as they suck in the tummy area. Garter belts are also great for flattening a stomach. If you don’t want a constricting style, full-coverage boy shorts are practical and sexy at the same time.


If you have more of a slim build, Bluebella has just the right figure flattering lingerie for you, too. For the girls with fewer curves, we have lingerie examples to draw attention right where you want it. With this shape, you can get away with more frills and less function in lingerie types. If your lingerie does not need to lay seamlessly under clothes, ruffles on the cups really draws attention to and enhances your breasts. It is also a good idea to go for underwire and pushup because these options can really give you the lift that you need, and a bra with side padding can create amazing cleavage!


For the ladies with an “athletic” body type, we recommend lots of details! Lace is always a pretty option, and it can take you from “fit” to “feminine” in a simple plunging bra and matching brief set. Bralettes are great for this shape because they really add a soft shape to a strong build. An athletic figure looks amazing in form fitting bottoms, as they hug your curves and give shape to narrow hips. For this body type, lingerie should remain soft and pretty. Another option is a lacy bandeau style bra, but it is important to make sure that it still offers lift and support to enhance your breasts.


Finally, for our “pear shaped” women, we recommend lingerie that draws the eyes up. With this figure, it is important to create curves in the right places. Lingerie that shows off your breasts and downplays your hips is ideal for a pear shaped woman. Color blocking or inserts in a bra can really bring attention to the breasts. Similar to the “straight” figure, ruffles can also add that extra va-va-voom. If you like a little more support than what a frilly bra can offer, we recommend a structured lingerie set. It will give you coverage on the bottom and lift in the chest area. Boyshorts are a great option for bottoms, as they give you plenty of coverage without giving up that flirty feel!

There are great lingerie options for every shape. The important thing to remember is to dress for your body type. Each figure is beautiful and unique, just like the lingerie that will flatter you most! We always recommend being professionally fitted for your lingerie, as well. It is so important to have the perfect band and cup size in a bra, and we believe that it can make all the difference! Now, go have some fun picking out some new lingerie that is perfect for your figure!

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